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Piatra Și Nisip SRL

The company Piatra Și Nisip SRL plays a central role among the manufacturers of quarry aggregates in northwest Romania. The Piatra si Nisip quarry is located in the Maramureș district and thus in the three-country corner Romania, Hungary and Ukraine. Work began in the Seini quarry more than a century ago.

The year 2008 marked a new beginning for the stone quarry in Seini. In that year it became part of the Austrian Kirchdorfer Group and placed under the management of the Romanian company Piatra Și Nisip. Since the takeover, the mining activities and the production in the quarry have been continuously developed. Starting with eight employees and a production capacity of around 60,000 tons per year, today around 45 employees enable a production capacity of over 400,000 tons per year.

Due to its special properties, the “Andesite” stone mined in the Piatra Și Nisip quarry serves as the basis for the manufacture of high-quality products, which are used in road and rail construction. The raw material and the products obtained from andesite are not only suitable for road construction and civil engineering, but also for asphalt production. Thanks to the high quality and professional cooperation, the surrounding asphalt works are supplied with high-grade chippings. In addition to the classic asphalt fractions 0-4, 4-8, 8-16 and 16-32, other fractions are also possible according to customer requirements.

The precious chippings from the andesite stone Seini found their way into the streets from Carei via Zalau and Dej to Sighetu Marmatieii.

But not only the hot asphalt for building roads, but also maintenance work with cold asphalt is possible due to the high quality of the aggregates.

In addition to the permanent business, another main strength of Piatra si Nisip is the supply of major infrastructure projects, such as the Satu Mare or Carei bypasses, but also the runway of the Baia Mare airport was built in the past with aggregates from the Seini quarry.

The strongest customers include large companies such as ARL Cluj Napoca, Diferit SRL, Construrom SA, Dusal SA, Itinera SA Tortona Cluj Napoca, Tarr Const SRL etc., who value professional cooperation. Also Small and medium size companies found in past a reliable partner in Piatra si Nisip

Ex works as well as free construction site is possible at Piatra si Nisip. A good network of transport companies in the region enables also in this matter a reliable cooperation.

In addition to an appreciative and performance-oriented management culture, the focus at Piatra si Nisip is above all on motivating all employees to be fully customer-oriented – a strategy from which customers and partners benefit equally. Long-term partnerships ensure consistent quality, delivery reliability and technological synergy effects / respectful handling with the environment and the region to support communities as well as national development goals.

A milestone here is the cooperation with the Seini High School to enable young people from the region to receive a broad education. Some projects have already been supported and other projects are planned, such as the collaboration for the school year 2021/2022 for the professional training of students through state vocational education and the inclusion of Piatra si Nisip in the workshop “STEM – socio-professional integration of graduate students of vocational schools “organized annually by Seini City Hall.

Although the focus of Piatra si Nisip is on B2B, every private customer is of course welcome, e.g. to give his garden project that special something with the beautifully dark andesite from Seini. Whether a driveway or a parking lot is upgraded with a broken stone or a large boulder is up to your imagination.

The team of Piatra si Nisip awaits you in quarry Seini.