Baia Mare Airport

Sc Piatra si Nisip delivers necessary materials for the airport located in Maia Mare within a record time:

Baia Mare airport is situated in the triangle at the base of the Carpathians and it is far from being just a provincial airport, especially when we discuss about the pace of the upgrading works that were done here

”It was the moment that we saw the first truck at the gates of the quarry from Seini, when we have the contact…” – and what a great contact!

Philipp Lechte, who is the man in charge of the Kirchdorfer Rohstoff division among others, explains: over 70.000t of chippings have been delivered towards one of the daughter companies of Strabag society, which was contracted to carry    out the work on repairs and on the extension of the airport landing runway, located at 20 Km from quarry.

In the first phase the track of about 1800 meters was paved and was widen with about 15 meters. All of these work’s where done within 8 weeks.

The quarry “stands on its head”

In order to deliver the loadings in time for the trucks were arriving without break, the manager Dipl.-Cellar Dusan along with his team had to make great efforts: three shifts were organized very quickly and the number of blasting grew by almost 4 times than normal

Due to the fact that nowadays the quarry is dealing almost utterly with the exploitation of 3 times crushed quality, SC PIATRA SI NISIP SRL has had to resort to outsourcing in order to continue to produce single crushing materials. It was some real acrobatics, so the team’s pride regarding what they have managed to do in such a short period time is matching the achievement

Regional development – EU inside the angle formed out of 3 countries

The Baia Mare region is counting on the development of the city’s industrial area and it’s tourism by developing the existing airport since 1929.

SC PIATRA SI NISIP SRL will be glad if suddenly the trucks will arrive again at the gates of the quarry, to load materials for the already planned extension of the airport’s track