History of the Kichdorfer Group

“History does not only refer to what happened but also to what has been accumulated – that is to say, the ground which we stand and build on.”

Geschichte der Kirchdorfer Gruppe Geschichte der Kirchdorfer Gruppe

1888 – it all starts with a railway

Emil Dierzer Ritter von Traunthal and Adolf Hofmann from Linz, joint owner of Linzer Mühlen mills and a food factory, commission the construction of the Kremstalbahn railway, which takes up service in 1881. Over the course of the construction work, limestone and calcareous marlstone are discovered in the upper Kremstal valley.

Dierzer and Hofmann know how to make use of this profitable synergy. For the cement works, however, comprehensive planning and preparatory work is needed. First, the raw material base is secured and a property rich in calcareous marlstone acquired.

On April 1, 1887, the company Cementwerk Kirchdorf, Hofmann & Comp. applies for a concession for the construction of a cement plant at the district commission of Kirchdorf.

Construction negotiations proceed to the utmost satisfaction: the concession is granted rapidly with the aim of promoting the positive development of a structurally weak area.

Construction work begins immediately, and on July 24, 1888, “Portland-Cementwerk Kirchdorf, Hofmann & Comp.” is registered in the company register.

Development shows a steep upwards trend: after 125 years, the 20 millionth ton of cement was produced and delivered to customers in June 2013.